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League News from the week of April 23

We have created a new scoresheet. Please give it a try and let us know what you think of it at It's been a struggle for us to make a scoresheet that looks similar to Tenniscore's page where you enter scores. You should find this latest version more intuitive to use on the courts, though.

League News from the week of April 16

Is it raining on your courts?

It’s difficult to know, so please be in touch with the captain of your opposing team. On April 16, about 1/3 of the meets began and a few finished. If you are the captain of a team that didn’t play due to rain, please enter scores of 0-0 for each set. Most teams have done this, but there are just a few remaining. It doesn’t matter who is on the rosters, and a 0-0 score doesn’t affect the standings. The division standings are based on percentage of sets won vs played. Of course all scores will matter somewhat, depending on which team you are playing against. But considering rain outs, byes, and that you might be scheduled to play some teams once more than others, sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw.

Which tennis courts have washrooms?

Someone at the captains meeting asked this question. You might find out by Googling the park name. Washrooms are sometimes open only when there is another event in the park, like a soccer or baseball game. Copley Park is an example of this. Some parks might have porta potties. Calling the city could be the best way to find out.
Oddly enough, Saanich is in the process of collecting input for a parks washroom strategy. Have your say here:

Please report any issues with courts to us

The league committee does inspect all courts prior to the season. Things happen, though, and we have the necessary contacts to get things fixed. For example, last week:
One net at Esquimalt High School was reported broken. The School District has now replaced it.
A team reported to us that the courts at Centennial Park in Langford were too messy and slick with pollen to safely play. They’ve now been cleaned.
Someone noted that one net at Banfield Park was too low. It’s been adjusted.
Sometimes we can adjust the nets ourselves.

‘Courts are Reserved’ posters

Due to rain outs, some courts might not have a ‘Courts are Reserved’ poster. If you notice a poster missing any time during the season, please let us know and we will arrange for a new one.

Good luck and have fun!
You can reach us at

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