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League News from Early June

Pops on Court?
Hey everybody, this is very important! If you happen to enjoy beverages on court, maybe after playing, along with some chips or Cheezies, please remove all cans and bottles when you leave. It only takes one person to complain and SITL will be at risk. The public can have a huge impact. For example, last year a Saanich resident complained about not being able to play tennis on Tuesday evenings. Nathan Bailey and Saanich spent many hours justifying and explaining why SITL should be allowed to reserve all Saanich courts on Tuesday evenings, and that SITL was open for everyone to play.
Please share this with your team.

Tennis BC is pleased to invite SITL Teams to the 2019 Team Tennis Provincial Championships at Bear Mountain Aug 16 – 18.
Winning teams from these divisions are invited:
Women’s 4.0 and 4.5
Men’s 4.0a and 4.5
The top two teams in the men’s divisions are invited. For the women’s divisions, only the winning team in each division is invited. Tennis BC might be able to accommodate more than one women’s team per division, but they won’t know until later.

Be a Gracious Guest!
"people should be reminded of court etiquette and that they should be more courteous, especially on someone else's turf."

Whose team are you on, anyway?
If someone is suddenly injured or sick, and you’ve exhausted all resources looking for a fourth player, consider asking your opponents if they have someone who’d like to play for your team. The scores won’t count, but at least everyone gets to play.
We do maintain a list of players who are looking to join a team. We have players in most divisions. Just send us an email at and we’ll send you the names and contact info. Keep in mind that these players want to join a team, and not just sub/spare.

Reserved Posters still posted on courts?
If you notice that the Reserved poster is missing, please let us know at and we’ll get another one put up.

Who ya gonna call?
Unfortunately, this year has been a little rainier than usual. The worst-case scenario is when it’s raining in some places and not others, or raining on and off. People can make assumptions about the weather on their courts that night. Be sure that you have contact info for the other captains when you leave for the courts, just in case there is some confusion. If the other team hasn’t shown by, say 6:00, make a call.
Some captains are in the habit of contacting the other team the day before just to be sure they have the phone number for the captain who will be playing. That’s also a good opportunity to confirm the location. Please do not play under dangerous conditions.

League Finale will be held July 6 at Bear Mountain.

Tennis Canada’s Rules of the Court are here, including Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches:

Good luck and have fun!

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